West Bay Quay Wall Strengthening works

Local residents and harbour users may be aware that the section of the harbour wall, known as the deep water berth has been subject to problems for over a decade. The quay wall has been undermined largely by the action of water released from the sluices and repairs have only been temporary in nature leaving the risk of the whole structure collapsing at some point.

Work started in February on a scheme that will improve the long-term stability of the wall. We have attached a link from this page to a presentation from West Dorset District Council which provides an outline of the work proposed.



The RNLI – a talk on its history and the local perspective


In 2015 the RNLI  volunteer crews rescued over 20 people a day and saved over 400 lives at sea.

On Thursday 2nd March West Bay Community Forum are hosting a talk about the history of the RNLI and the organisation’s local connections.

The talk starts at 7.30pm at the Salthouse, West Bay and is open to all (donations to the RNLI).

Coastal Defence Presentation

UPDATE – We have just been advised that a further drop-in event will be held in the Salthouse on 23rd March 2017.

For those who were unable to attend the presentations held at the Salt House (including myself) a local resident has kindly passed us a copy of the slide presentation and frequently asked questions.

We have included a link to the presentation here presentation-on-wbci-possible-options-oct-2016

and the frequently asked questions here frequently-asked-questions-wbci

We have asked the Environment Agency/West Dorset District Council to conduct further consultation locally when they have a better idea, which options are most likely to go forward. They have assured us that there will be further meetings locally, possibly later this winter.

East Beach sea defences

You may recall that about a year ago the Dorset Coast Forum hosted an event at the Salthouse at which the Environment Agency and West Dorset District Council were present.

We’ve just heard that a follow up event with their proposed options is to be held next Thursday 20th October. It is short notice.

I’ve attached a flyer that they have distributed and would encourage local residents to attend one of the two meetings, if they caninvitation-to-west-bay-community-event-20th-oct.


Its been a busy summer …

I think most of us would agree that its been a busy summer in West Bay.

Like many of the resorts in the south-west, visitor numbers appear to have been up. Maybe more of us have been taking our holidays at home this year. The media has offered post BREXIT uncertainty as a reason. Whatever the reason the roads around Bridport have seen regular queues and not just at weekends and car parking spaces have been under pressure. Long time residents here tell me that its been as busy as they can recall.

In West Bay we’ve also had the filming of the third series of Broadchurch. This has been a source of fascination to many, especially the night-time filming under lights. The Forum has liaised with Kudos, Broadchurch’s location company to get advance notice of filming and in return advise them of possible problems resulting from this, for example, we pointed out that plans to occupy car parks on August bank holiday were likely to cause chaos and they responded accordingly. Filming continues into the early autumn.

We’ve received news that our various requests to West Dorset District Council for improvements to some of West Bay’s car parks have been agreed. This is good news, but we want to make sure that the detail of the work is carried out sympathetically. The car parks affected are West Bay Road, Station Yard and Bridport Arms.

Finally the Forum continues to maintain the borders at the Railway Station. These have looked fantastic this summer and have drawn many positive comments from both locals and visitors. We are currently looking at ways to improve (directly/indirectly) planting around West Bay, particularly out of the main holiday season.

If you live or work locally or visit us often why not join us ?  See the “join us” page for more details.

John West





What we’re working on …

West Bay is a great place to live and visit but that doesn’t stop there being room for improvement – as well retaining whats best about the area. Some local issues and concerns are long standing and others fairly new.

Our current priorities include getting improvements to public car parks in West Bay and obtaining a safe pedestrian crossing between the St John’s Church area and the harbour/shops. We are also keen to support the creation of an interpretation centre at the former Methodist Chapel that will capture all that is best about West Bay and its surrounds and encourage people to explore it. Have a look at our project page and vote for your priority.

The Forum is a small organisation, but we are building a strong partnership with the Bridport Town Council. We are also keen to expand our membership and work with local businesses and other organisations.

Our objectives are, in summary, to work together with residents, councils, businesses and other organisations to achieve real and sustainable improvements to life in West Bay (not forgetting that we are part of Bridport too). At the same time we wish to protect our natural and built environment.

None of this will be quick or easy, but with your support we’ll keep working towards these aims.