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West Bay to get its own Town Council ward ?

Bridport Town Council has published three options for the future governance of the town, including a preferred proposal for a merger of four parishes into a single council for the built area of the town, with the aim of improving local democracy and local services.

A review of parish boundaries announced by Dorset Council in August invites town and parish councils to submit proposals for changes to electoral boundaries, numbers of councillors, and other aspects of local governance.  Bridport Town Council’s submission will be considered at its Full Council meeting on 21 September and if approved will make the case for bringing together the existing parishes of Allington, Bothenhampton & Walditch, Bradpole, the new Foundry Lea (Vearse Farm) development and Bridport into a single council area. They also provide for a creation of five council wards including a new council ward for West Bay. We believe this would give beter representation for West Bay and more of a focus on it at Town Council level.

Read more about the proposals here

All change on parking in West Bay ?

Dorset Council plan to review traffic orders in West Bay during the autumn on 2021. Not the sort of thing to get wildly excited about perhaps, but traffic orders regulate “on-street” parking (not car parks) and the situation as its stands is confusing and enforcement is poor. At times it can seem like a bit of a free for all. Bridport town Council will be putting forward their views and we hope to input into this.

Aiming for a “plastic-free” West Bay !

Welcome to our website. We expect to see more visitors this year but the need to maintain social distancing and a safe environment for visitors and locals alike will remain a challenge. Public funds are likely to be tight but we are keen that the area around the harbour is properly looked after and facilities such as the bus stop and footways are maintained. As always we welcome ideas and support from locals and visitors alike on how to maintain the improve the enviroment built and natural in West Bay.

One of the things that we are doing this year is supporting the Plastic Free Bridport campaign. This aims to reduce the amount of single use plastic much of which ends up polluting our harbour and beaches. The campaign is enlisting businesses and community organisations as its allies and trying to convert businesses in particular away from single use plastic containers and packaging.