Looking to Autumn

We hope you’ve had a good summer. The weather has been unpredictable but maybe September will give us a flourish before autumn comes around.

The Community Forum continues to work on a number of issues. Not surprisingly car parking is one. At peak times not everyone who visits West Bay is going to be able to park and there is a limit to how much car parking can be physically be provided in any case.

What we want is to avoid the situation where car users put other peoples safety at risk by parking dangerously, whether it is in car parks or on the highway. We are working with the authorities on this and also to avoid improper use of car parks, such as overnight stays by motor homes.

We continue to press for early implementation of restrictions on Marsh Barn Road and for better signage around West Bay, for example at the Harbour Bridge.

It has been good to see the harbour wall strengthening works completed and this part of the quayside has been made more attractive as a result of the works. Once again the planting and floral boats around the harbour have been nicely maintained by the Harbourmaster’s staff. Our lobster pot planting outside the Salthouse has made a small contribution to the floral displays. We have also recently carried out some “emergency” tidying up in the planted area behind West Bay Road toilets, which was looking a disgrace with brambles etc. The railways station borders are still looking good and there should be a late show of roses.

We’ll post more news here in due course.20160106_104114