What we’re working on …

West Bay is a great place to live and visit but that doesn’t stop there being room for improvement – as well retaining whats best about the area. Some local issues and concerns are long standing and others fairly new.

Our current priorities include getting improvements to public car parks in West Bay and obtaining a safe pedestrian crossing between the St John’s Church area and the harbour/shops. We are also keen to support the creation of an interpretation centre at the former Methodist Chapel that will capture all that is best about West Bay and its surrounds and encourage people to explore it. Have a look at our project page and vote for your priority.

The Forum is a small organisation, but we are building a strong partnership with the Bridport Town Council. We are also keen to expand our membership and work with local businesses and other organisations.

Our objectives are, in summary, to work together with residents, councils, businesses and other organisations to achieve real and sustainable improvements to life in West Bay (not forgetting that we are part of Bridport too). At the same time we wish to protect our natural and built environment.

None of this will be quick or easy, but with your support we’ll keep working towards these aims.